Headset Stand Headphone Stand Headset Holder Headphone Holde

RGB Headphone Bracket USB2.0 Type-C2.0 Head Mounted Headphone Stand Rack Non-slip Base Desktop Organizer for Universal Headphone


1. Multifunctional Dual Output: The headset bracket has two expansion ports (one TYPE-C charging port and one USB 2.0 charging port), which are not only used for charging, but also support data transmission for other devices such as tablets, headphones, mobile phones, USB flash drives, and so on.

2. RGB Light Effect: The design of the entire earphone holder is very stylish and practical, with three different RGB lights available: fast breathing, music beats, and alternating blinking. You can change the light mode as needed.

3. Non Slip and Sturdy Base: Large, dense base provides stability, preventing the earphone holder from shaking or tipping over; The silicone pad at the bottom ensures excellent traction on a smooth surface, preventing rollover and displacement during the use of the product.

4. Stable Load Bearing 3KG: Nearly 25cm high aluminum alloy support rod, perfect load bearing. Supports all sizes of headphones, including for Bose, for Beats, for Sony, for Panasonic, for AKG, for JBL, for Audio Technica, for Sennheiser, for Shure, and more.

5. Perfect Accessories: Create a dreamlike gaming atmosphere based on your preferences. The perfect PC gamer setup accessories are the best gift for gamers, boys, and boyfriends or girlfriends.

Material: Aluminum alloy, stainless steel plate, TPU, ABS, silicone

Color: Black

Extension interface: Type-C 2.0 * 1+USB 2.0 * 1

Input voltage: DC 5V 1.5A

Product size: About 113.5x108x242mm

გვაქვს ადგილზე მიწოდების სერვისი. შეგიძლიათ შეიძინოთ მაღაზიებში ,,ტექნოსითი” როგორც ნაღდი ანგარიშსწორებით , ასევე გადარიცხვით, დღგ ფაქტურით ჩვენს 2 ფილიალში:

1. საბურთალო – პეკინის 15 ფარმადეპოს უკან. tel.579374643 tel.571 11 74 44

2. გლდანი – მეტრო ახმეტელთან მაკდონალდსის გვერდით AD ბენზოგასამართზე. tel.599326458 tel.574821144

სამუშაო საათები: ორშაბათიდან პარასკევის ჩათვლით 10:00 დან 20:00 მდე. შაბათ-კვირას 11:00 დან 19:00 მდე



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