Professional BM800 Condenser Microphone With V8 Mixer

იყიდება კონდესატორული მიკროფონი BM800 V8 მიქსერთან ერთად ყველაზე იაფად საქართველოში – 160 ლარად!

იდეალურია სახლის პირობებში სამუშაოდ!კომპლექტში მოჰყვება კაბელი 3,5მმ ჯეკით, შოკმაუნთი, დამცავი ღრუბელი, შტატივი, მიკრო USB კაბელი აუქსზე.

  • Professional Podcast Equipment Bundle – The Podcast Equipment Bundle is equipped with BM-800 microphone, Shock mount, Pop filter, Mic adjustable suspension scissor arm stand, Anti-wind foam Cap, Power cable, Live sound card. This professional studio equipment was designed for podcasting, streaming and recording music and short video. What you get is a complete set of professional podcast equipment bundle. One set can meet all your needs and you don’t need to buy other equipment again.
  • Excellent Sound Quality – The condenser microphone bundle has been designed with 2021 professional sound chipset, which lets the microphone hold a 120kHz sample rate and 24-bit bitrate, ensuring your voice is captured in high detail. The cardioid pickup pattern offers pristine and accurate capture, which is more suitable for recording podcasts, vocals and other voice works. The condenser microphone records the sound source in front of the microphone directly and provides a rich, mellow sound.
  • High Compatibility – The podcast equipment bundle is not only fully compatible with most mainstream operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS, but also compatible with smartphones (Android and IOS), even connect to two mobile phones to livestream on both streaming platforms at the same time. It meets the use of all scenarios: Gaming, Live Streaming, Podcasting, Voice Over, Recording Music, Live and Sing, take video on TikTok, YouTube, etc.
  • Plug and Play, Easy To Use – This live sound card with multiple sound effects can be used on any mobile phone, computer, and Any game platform. No need extra driver software. You can connect to different devices (computer/ mobile phone/ laptop) by using different connection methods. You can even connect with two mobile phones to livestream on both streaming platforms at the same time. The podcast equipment bundle will bring more fun to you and make your recording more creative.

გვაქვს ადგილზე მიწოდების სერვისიც.

შეგიძლიათ შეიძინოთ მაღაზიებში ,,ტექნოსითი” როგორც ნაღდი ანგარიშსწორებით , ასევე გადარიცხვით ჩვენს 2 ფილიალში:

1. საბურთალო – პეკინის 15 ფარმადეპოს უკან. tel.579374643

2. გლდანი – მეტრო ახმეტელთან მაკდონალდსის გვერდით სელფი ბენზოგასამართზე. tel.599326458

სამუშაო საათები:
ორშაბათიდან პარასკევის ჩათვლით 10:00 დან 20:00 მდე.
შაბათ-კვირას 11:00 დან 19:00 მდე



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